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What is "Transfer My Shares"?

Transfer My Shares is a Broadridge service that simplifies the transfer of shares you hold directly with a Corporation into your brokerage account. Broadridge provides this service to our Clients' registered shareholders, while integrating transfers with our Broker/Dealer Clients. In short, we take the complexity out of the process so that you can benefit from holding all of your shares in one account.

Just follow the step, online process to initiate the transfer process. If you are not interested, then no action will be taken on your behalf.

How does this process work?

  • Complete the online request
  • Broadridge securely transmits the transfer request to your broker
  • Your broker will process the transfer
  • You will receive a confirmation from your broker that the transfer is complete

NOTE 1: Only whole shares are eligible to be transferred. Fractional shares will be liquidated and proceeds will be mailed to you. Your registered account will be closed upon completion of this process.

NOTE 2: This on-line consolidation program will only be available during the timeframe that was indicated on your notification letter.